I’m not a strict vegetarian. I think people can be a bit too ‘fundamentalist’ about these things. I do however strive to eat a very low meat, low diary diet mostly for environmental reasons.

When I do eat meat I try to make sure that it’s ethically sourced. I eat fish, but only if it’s MSC certified – come to think of it, I am a bit fundamentalist about that.

I love food but I don’t want to spend half the night in the kitchen, I also like to keep things simple.

This blog is my attempt to showcase some practical vegetarian meal ideas, hopefully you’ll see something cool that you’ll want to try out.

Here are 13 reasons  you should follow this blog:

  1. You will reduce your impact on the environment
  2. You will save money
  3. You will save time
  4. You will loose weight
  5. You will have more energy
  6. You will develop your cooking skills
  7. You will eat a wider variety of food
  8. You will do less washing up
  9. You will have a cleaner kitchen
  10. You will use less energy
  11. You will be healthier
  12. You will discover new tasty things to eat
  13. You will have more room in your fridge for beer