May 4, 2018

Butter Bean Minestrone

I have been banging on about flat bread recently. It’s only because after several attempts to make real bread, I now realise how infuriating it is when it doesn’t rise by as much as you expected. And yeast, what the hell? This dry powder is a living organism! I don’t understand that. If dried yeast constitutes as life, then surely the universe must be teeming with life forms.

Anyway, back to flat bread which unlike proper bread has a low expectation threshold. It’s the stoner dude of bread products. It will rise, but if it doesn’t rise enough, no drama, you’ve made some flat bread.

I’ve added a handful of chopped oregano and cooked them the traditional Navajo way using a hot oiled frying pan which is more fun than baking them in an oven.


A couple of large spoonfuls of home-made tomato sauce

Half a can of butter beans

A handful of cooked pasta

Vegetable stock

A handful of fresh chopped oregano, basil or parsley

For the flat bread:

A couple of cupfuls of strong bread making flour

A packet of dried yeast

A pinch of salt and sugar

A handful of chopped or dried herbs such as oregano, basil or parsley

A couple of spoonfuls of warm water


Add all of the soup ingredients, minus the fresh herbs, to a pan, pour over the stock and simmer until heated through.

Sieve the flour and mix with the dry ingredients.

Add the warm water a few splashes at a time and mix with a wooden spoon It’s easy to add to much water making the dough sticky, if you do just add more flour.

When the ingredients are mixed kneed your dough on a floured surface for about five minutes. You want it to be smooth and elastic.

Oil or flour you bowl to stop the dough sticking and plonk the dough back in, cover and leave in a warm place for an hour or so. The longer you leave it the more it will rise.

Heat a spoonful of vegetable oil in a frying pan.

Cut your dough into chunks and roll or pat flat. You need to roll your dough as flat as you can as it will shrink as you transfer it to the pan.

Add your flatbread to the pan and cook for a couple of minutes each side.


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