April 19, 2018

Fake Meat Update

Fake burgers have been creating a lot of buzz these days, and why not? If you can make something that satisfies your primordial burger cravings without all the faffing on with cows then that’s a good thing surely.

I’ve been a fan of Quorn chicken burgers for years and my latest favourite meatless sausage is so close to a meat sausage I think even hardened carnivores would raise a cynical eyebrow. Slather both products in mayo, ketchup or BBQ sauce, stick them in a toasted brioche bun and most people wouldn’t bet their rent money on the outcome of a taste off. Obviously Jay Rayner would not be fooled but I’m talking your average gal / guy in the street here.

Beyond Burger

Pea Protein, Beet, Coconut oil and potato starch

Beyond Meat

The Impossible Burger

Wheat Protein, Coconut Oil, Potato Protein, and Heme

Impossible Foods

The B12 Burger

Coconut Oil, Beetroot Juice, Plant-Proteins, Mushrooms, Herbs, Spices, Vitamin B12

Moving Mountains

Quorn Vegan Burger



Sainsburys Meat Free Sausages ( Not Vegan )

Rehydrated Textured Soya Protein


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