April 1, 2018

Jackfruit Gyros

Jackfruit has been popping up on my radar recently. First I saw a jackfruit pulled pork ready meal in Sainsbury’s veggie ready meal section, then I read some reference to it in an article about fake meat. So, when saw in Time Out that The Real Greek restaurant where giving away jackfruit gyros I thought I’d make the trip and find out what this fruit that’s impersonating meat tastes like.

Like most fake meat it’s never going to fool hardened carnivores. It does though have a meaty chewy texture not unlike tender chicken or pulled pork, but it didn’t taste very ‘porky’ to me. Saying that I don’t like the taste of pork and I’ve only had pulled pork about three times in my life.  It came in a BBQ sauce which also ‘cloaks’ its non-meat origins. In the end the overall result is an interesting meat-free not very pork tasting alternative to pulled pork.

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