May 17, 2018

Roast Red Pepper and Tomato Soup

I’ve just realised most of my dishes involve a can of plum tomatoes. Maybe I should rename this blog to how to survive solely on tinned tomatoes, or something a little catchier like tinned dreams. It’s a fact though, tinned plum tomatoes are one of the best things to be put in a tin since tins were invented.

I might go so far as to suggest that a tinned plum tomato is often superior to a supermarket fresh tomato because supermarket fresh tomatoes are never bloody ripe! I’ve often speculated that they are that way deliberately so as to nudge consumers to buy the more expensive varieties. Conspiracy theory? Maybe, but that’s the kind of stroke supermarkets are always pulling to get us to spend more cash. Me and you of course are far too smart to fall for that, we buy our tomatoes at the farmers market or our local green grocer.

I made this soup to use up some winceingly expensive, but rock hard sourdough. Pouring a rich tomato based soup with some fresh herbs such as parsley oragano or basil is the best way to make Noddy’s hat edible again.


  • A couple of large spoonfuls of home-made tomato sauce
  • A roasted red pepper, if you can’t be arsed with the post roast de-seeding palaver I don’t blame you. A couple of slices from a jar works just as well
  • The hard end bit of an expensive sourdough ( The rounded end bit of a french stick or similar loaf is called Noddy’s hat where I come from )
  • A handful of fresh herbs like, parsley, oregano or basil ( I’ve used one large leaf here for Instagram purposes but you’d tear it up in reality )


  1. Add some hot vegetable stock to a your tomato sauce base and heat through.
  2. Break Noddy’s hat into large chunks and place at the bottom of a bowl. You can also add some cooked chickpeas or butter beans if you want to make the meal go further.
  3. Pour over your soup over your break chunks and add the herbs.


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