April 8, 2018

Venezuelan Corn Bread Salad Box

I got this from the Venezuelan yellow tent outside the Granville Arcade Market in Brixton on Sunday. You can’t see it on the photo, but it contained a ‘disc’ of cheese that was the exactly the same dimensions as the corn bread base. I though this was very efficient. The meal itself was a bit of a mash-up of black beans, roasted peppers and other salad-ey bits. There was also some kind of mystery pickled veg on the side. The woman on the stall seemed very pleased with this pickle and made a point of drawing my attention to it. Maybe it was a Venezuelan delicacy? I’ll never know because I can’t speak Venezuelan and can’t remember what she said. It also had rocket leaves which to my knowledge aren’t very Venezuelan. This makes me think the whole operation could have been set-up to fleece daft hipster foodie types like yours truly. Yet another reason to learn to speak Spanish.

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